Meet The Team

Meet the Team of® organizers for Charity Fundraising Events across the United States. With open arms and huge hearts our Professional Organizers orchestrate musical talent abroad and channel artistry proceeds to Cancer Patients everywhere.

Meet Our Team

Michael President & CEO of Cure Cancer With Music
Michael James Weiss

President & CEO

Michael James Weiss was born in Astoria, NY in 1968 to his parents Lynn and Harvey Weiss. Mike’s father grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and his mother grew up in Floral Park, NY. Mike’s father joined the Army and found himself deployed to Germany and after returning home from the Army he met Lynn and they where married in 1964. Mike’s father worked as a mold maker and his mother stayed home and raised the children. In 1970 the Weiss’s had their second child, Karen. In 1971, the Weiss’s moved to Elmont, NY where both Mike and Karen attended Elementary School. In February of 1980, Mike’s mom had her third child Stephanie. Mike attended Elmont Memorial High School & studied USA GoJu Karate. Mike was always driven and pushed himself everyday with different ideas of earning money. At age 16 he built bicycles from parts he would find in the garbage and took a paper route to pay for additional Karate classes. He entered in many tournaments while he was under the age of 18 learning discipline.

After graduating High School, Mike told his mother he was going to take a year off. By 19 years old, Mike had started a Tow Truck Company called Tow Busters and at age 21 he moved out of his parent’s house to Franklin Square where he built up his business. In 1993, Mike bought a house in Freeport, NY. There he continued to study karate and had his girlfriend move in with him. In 1998, Mike got married and had his first child Brianna. Around that time Mike started another business called Cigar Haus and placed men & women in bars, nightclubs & restaurants selling cigars. While on a call with the head of Bacardi, Mike’s business was offered the opportunity to promote Bacardi in all of New Jersey. After agreeing to promoting their products, Mike thought about promoting similar products abroad and started Haus Promotions, Inc., a marketing and promotional agency supplying ideas and promotional strategies to a variety of Companies throughout the United States. In 2003, Mike also started Metro Limousine & Party Bus Service, LI Brewery Tours and LI Vineyard Tours.®

In 2003, Mike’s son, Michael JR., was born and in 2010 his third child Daniella was born. Mike moved his home business to Albany Avenue in Freeport where his Limousine business expanded while he was renting a small portion of a 6000 sq foot building and was forced to find something bigger. In 2010, Mike moved his operations to sunrise Highway in Freeport and in 2016 purchased the building he originally rented on Albany Avenue. All operations are now ran from this corporate location. Mike’s passion for helping other’s with Cancer stems from both his father & grandfather whom both suffered with cancer and passed away.

John Shaughnessy Sr - Vice President of Operations & Entertainment for
John Shaughnessy Sr.

Vice President of Operations

John G. Shaughnessy SR; was born in Kings County Hospital located in Brooklyn, NY on July 20, 1960. His parents; Harold (one of 15 children) and Julia Shaughnessy lived in Carnarsie Brooklyn, NY. John’s father worked as a Scale-men & weigh-er on the docks in Downtown Brooklyn, Newark NJ & NYC. His mom was born in Brooklyn & was married to his father in October of 1951. John’s brother Steven was born on August 28, 1966. John’s father worked hard to raise his family in Cypress Hill, Brooklyn until they moved in 1973 to East Rockaway where John attended East Rockaway High School. He graduated with his Regents Diploma & attended St. John’s University where he graduated there in 1982. His family lived in East Rockaway for over 43 Years. John’s 1st child Timothy was born in 1984 and his second child Leo was born in April of 1986 with his girlfriend. In August of 1990 John got married and had his third child John Shaughnessy JR., in April of 1993. John is extremely Proud of his boys; Timothy ( M.D.), Leo ( Supervisor for CVS Pharmacy ) and John JR ( Medical Marijuana Producer & Distributor in Colorado ) and just recently, John has become a grandfather.

John’s first job was at age 15 delivering the newspaper for Newsday and while in college John became the Manager of Waldbaums. Looking for something else to drive his passion John found himself working in the Limousine Industry in 1987 and worked with Stargazer Limousines where he became the Assistance Director of Operations overseeing their fleet of 200 vehicles till 2012. While working at Stargazer he met Ken Ehrlich; the Executive Director of the Grammy’s MTV awards, The Sports Illustrated Awards and The Re-opening of Radio City Music Hall. In March of 1993, John lost his father to Cancer and in June of 1997 his mother to Pancreatic Cancer.

John’s passion has always driven him to the next level and in 2015 John was introduced to the Entertainment Industry where he found himself orchestrating different venues and entertainment throughout Long Island, NY at restaurants, catering halls and concert halls. John’s love for music and the industry drives him to help others battling sicknesses and Cancer.